Five Reasons to Get a Seasonal Job

Travel Your Country (Or the World) While Making Money

You read that right. The #1 reason why I love this kind of work so much is because I do exactly that. I travel where I want when I want, and I get paid to do it. I know that may sound crazy to some, but it really is completely possible.

My go-to place to find a job is always I typically get callbacks fast, the places I work at have all been enjoyable, and they have a wide variety of jobs to choose from so I would recommend checking it out.

From that website, I select either a national park, specific state, or I’ll just search blindly to find jobs. Once hired I do need to provide my own transportation to the job, but once there housing is typically provided cheaper than you were probably already paying, and then I have an income. The jobs I accept can last anywhere from 1-6 months; and typically these are beautiful resorts or national forests that need to hire extra help during their busy season.

This is a great way to see a place you may have in mind. I have worked at Beaver Creek and Vail resorts in both the winter and summer. I am also signed up to work in Alaska this summer, right next to a glacier. And then after Alaska I’ll spend one month at the Grand Canyon. To see these places all I needed was a plane/bus ticket, and then once I arrived I had an income that could more that cover my expenses, including flights to future jobs.

Add Something Unique to Your Resume

Because seasonal jobs are often in environments and conditions different than “normal” life you may end up with a unique job title and experience along the way.

You could snowmake in Colorado, dogsled in Alaska, or be a rafting guide in Tennessee. The options are truly limitless. If you’re bored with the job options you currently have, consider this. I guarantee you there will be some new, interesting idea.

But, you can also just do a “normal” job. Human resources, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, and childcare are always in high demand. But even if you just do a “normal” job in a unique place it will still make your resume stand out. You don’t just look like the average worker in your field, you show that you have world experience on your resume.

Check Off Your Bucket List Younger

I want to start by saying there’s nothing wrong with saving your bucket list for retirement and spending those years checking off the list. But, if you’re like me, you want to get started as early as possible. By working at these beautiful remote locations I have found a way to enjoy many of the wonders on my list, while still paying off my student loans.

The Northern Lights, The Colorado Sand Dunes, The Grand Canyon, and my first glacier will all be explored for my first time the same year I plan to pay off my first student loan in full. These aren’t jobs that will pay a ton, but they do offer housing (sometimes food as well) which makes your other bills much cheaper. As a result, if your young and either trying to pay off debt or just trying to save it can be easy to do this while exploring the world.

They’re Short Jobs, Not a Long Term Commitment

This is a point that can be great if you’re a student or if you aren’t sure about this idea. The commitment to the job is very short term. I’ve had jobs that were barely more than a month long, others are about four or five months. Because they’re so short you can typically deal with any job, no matter how dislikable it might be, and get the chance to enjoy the beauty of the place you are in.

It can be a great way to spend a summer if you’re a student, or maybe a good way to clear your mind after a bad break up. It’s a short, get away to a new adventure.

Meet New People

Because most people who work these seasonal jobs come from other places your coworkers will come from all over the world. It’s a great way to meet new people, explore new ideas, and potentially practice a foreign language.

Another benefit of working with so many diverse people is this gives you friends who reside in many different parts of the world. Before you know it you’ll be planning international trips and will have friends you can meet up with (and potentially stay with) who you worked with before.

This will also help you get more ideas of places you want to travel. I always arrive at a seasonal job thinking of all the things I want to do in that area. But by the end of the job, I’m left wanting to visit the states and countries my friends are from.