How to Go Sustainable at a Workplace – Swap Till You Drop!

Imagine a workplace that embraces natural light, practice paperless meetings and promotes sustainable barter.

Unrealistic, but it’s true that going sustainable in the office isn’t that difficult. You never know what triggers a breakthrough moment and offer opportunity to a sustainable living.

Follow these few holy grails to choose greener lifestyle at work and to make a significant impact on your office’s ecological footprint.

Reuse, Recycle, Swap and Repeat

Sustainable workplace in OneCulture at eros city sqaure, Gurugram

Thinking how?

A simple answer is to build a consensus and encourage your staff to practice recycling facilities and reuse stationery like folders and notebooks, inspire them to start taking notes on the back side of the page. Also, host swap events to let your unwanted wardrobe, impulsive purchases become someone’s else closet essentials.

Host a barter event and invite your colleagues to purge their reservoir of unwanted items and swap to find new treasures in this amazing process.

If you’re still thinking how swap works as sustainable then here are the three things you need right now to start:

Once Loved Items

Do not shy away from bringing in your less desirable pieces to the event. Your once loved items can be dearly loved by someone and can be recycled, too. Most of us forget that apparel can be recycled instead of being thrown away. So, make sure that you make most of the sustainable lifestyle by donating or exchanging with your co-worker.

Co-workers or Your Friends

More the merrier, it was truly said. Such events can only be successful if you invite and share with diverse group of people. Always remember to invite large group of people like co-workers, classmates, friends, friends of friends to savor the benefits of ocean of variety and sizes.

Be Ready to Swap

Sustainable fashion is talk of the town. And nothing is like exchanging your stuff without investing or exhausting resources. Participate and do your bid to support sustainable environment. This small effort will not only make you an environmentally conscious consumer but will also dispose of your dead stock.

Recycling is the Game Changer

Adapting recyclable options can really make a sustainable shift in your lifestyle. Apart from swapping stuff, one should also incorporate green options into their daily practices. From paperless meetings to naturally lit office spaces, it is important to pay serious heed to recycling in the current scenario.

Start small to make a big difference, place recycling bins throughout the office to increase the accessibility of employees to recycling.

This tip may seem pretty obvious but if the recycling options are not readily available to the employees, they are less likely to use them.