No-One's Going to Tell You How to Get Rich Quick!


It’s simple, and it’s true. It really is. There is no rich guy out there typing up some easy-to-use manual telling you how to get rich, or how to get rich fast.

And he’s not making that video either, he’s not spilling the beans about how he ‘stumbled’ on the ‘secret’ to the big $.

That well dressed and styled man or woman in that video, cajoling you to keep watching, while never really getting to the point (because their point is getting you so incredibly curious that you’ll actually subscribe to their video training course at the super cheap specially discounted price offered only to those who actually watch the video you’re watching right now of course) … is using your curiosity to get rich.

Carrot dangling. It‘s complicated, it’s trickery, and ever since man was created … it works.

Ok, there probably is a guy typing away madly out there – but he’s getting rich from selling all those manuals.

You won’t be getting rich after reading his 500 page diatribe.

But you certainly will have paid him for it if you are actually reading that manual … or watching that video training.

Oh yes, working for yourself, it’s something we’ve all probably dreamt about at some stage … and some very sneaky but clever people have taken that dream and tossed it round, shook it up a bit, added some spice, made it look oh so pretty and inviting – and are making squillions from the dream itself. Working for yourself! That’s the carrot dangling from that stick.

But unless you actually do something and stop searching for that carrot, stop trying to find out how, why, where, and what to do – I think you know what will happen.


Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Works doesn’t it!

So where’s the gold?

Ok, maybe this is just all my own humble opinion. But after having read more-than-I-care-to-say of all those how-to-work-from-home schemes and scams, it seems blatantly obvious. There’s always a link to click on, that will go on and on, and on, and eventually lead you to a page that asks you to pay (and it will be a one-time-only offer of course).

We’ve all read that stuff about how to make our dreams come true, how to turn our ideas into reality. We’ve read all the motivational quotes too haven’t we? I know you’re saying ‘yes’! And every single one of us reads the same thing over and over again, saying ‘just do it’, ‘make a start’, ‘take that first step’ and the like.

And that is the one piece of advice that holds the gold. DO SOMETHING.

Here’s the crunch …

But do we do anything? If you’re like I was you probably haven’t done much at all. Just kept searching for more information. Because we are all suspicious, we think that surely they’re hiding something from us, these people who are getting rich. We figure there’s no way they’re going to tell us the secret to their success. There’s nothing in it for them, so no, they won’t tell us

But at the same time we are telling ourselves that there must be someone out there in cyberville who’s passed on his secret. There has to be, doesn’t there? Not everyone’s greedy, surely. We just haven’t found him yet. And on we go, searching for that little nugget of information that will finally set us free.

And guess what? Still we don’t do a thing. No matter how many times we read the same advice. We are a suspicious bunch, us humans.

Our suspicion comes from that place inside our own head, that place that doubts our own ability to achieve. Ok I don’t have the statistics, but I’d say over 90% of the population just don’t think they really can succeed, and that’s ok, because it’s probably pretty normal to feel that way – so take heart, you’re not alone champ – but that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be a success. Because you DO have to just DO SOMETHING.

Sure, you’ll get a knockback, probably a few, but if there’s a shred of merit in your idea there will be someone else out there who sees the merit in your ideas and your plans. Be prepared for the questions, those who see the merit will want to know more, how are you going to do this? how long will it take? how does it benefit them? what other plans do you have if this takes off?

Then, it WILL start to take shape.

Dreams CAN come true

How do I know this? Because I dreamt all of that too. Because I spent too much time dreaming about it. Because I can now say it finally happened for me. Because I got off my you-know-what and fronted up to the people and places I needed to get my idea to. I finally stopped Googling about it. I finally took action. Ferpetesake sitting in front of my laptop sure wasn’t getting me anywhere! And it won’t get you anywhere either.

To begin with I was met with suspicion, but I didn’t stop, I just kept trying. And when I got a ‘no’ I just took my idea elsewhere, and eventually, after over six attempts I found someone who listened, so I let them alone for a few days and then got in touch again – and they said YES. They even said ‘thank you’! Encouraged by some success at last, I ventured out to other organisations and gave them an overview of my idea and showed them how they could be involved. I had learned from those earlier knockbacks, I knew the questions I was going to be asked, I knew I was going to be met with resistance more often than not. And with only that much knowledge I was able to be prepared, I had my answers ready. I wasn’t coming off like some dumbo, I didn’t flinch, I was prepared and I was able to answer those gnarly questions. With three yes’s and some actual business (yes, dollars) I was ready to fly with my idea. Just needed to produce the final product, and distribute. Finally I could make money doing what I loved, and better than that, doing what came easy to me. And I did.

I won’t bore you with my story, you don’t need to know. You need to know how to get started.

The (almost) HOW

Here’s a surprise. I’m not a get-rich-quick scammer, I don’t want any of your money. You can breathe again. In, out, in out. Nice hey? But if you really want to work for yourself, you DO need to get started.

Ok, Step 1. It’s a pain, I know. But you absolutely need to prepare a business plan. It’s not my job to tell you how to do that, and heaven knows I didn’t much like doing my own – so I won’t be telling you how to do yours, but it’s a necessary evil if you’re serious about getting started – and you’ll be glad you did it. It will help you to figure out how you’re actually going to make things happen, and how to keep it all running. Honest. So find any free template you can for a Business Plan, and get started. It’s not that hard, just a bunch of things you’ll want the answers to, and you probably know all the answers already. Quite simply, invest your time on your business plan before anything else.

Still umming and ahhing? Come on now, just do what you know you need to do! Seriously!

FOOTNOTE (or what do I know anyway?)

Footnote: The article above is drawn from the journey I took when starting my own ‘work from home’ business. As you may have read in my profile, I no longer work full time. That was a personal decision, and was because it did get difficult as a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis. I put the business on hold after completion of client contracts, purely to allow time to pay attention to my health; but am now beginning work on a restart – at my own pace. Time off, another advantage to working for yourself!